Who we are
Vertical Media is a Berlin-based media house for the digital economy.
The company presents both online magazines Gründerszene and VentureVillage as well as the networking event Spätschicht, the Heureka! Conference and the CEO Events Breakfast Club, CEO Berlin and CEO Dinner.


What we do

Inform – Inspire – Interlink


As a media house and network platform for the digital economy, Vertical Media informs by presenting the best current content, in­spires by telling exciting stories and interlinks by bringing the industry together.


With its products ranging from editorial media and events all the way to knowledge transfer through digital databases such as the Branchen-Verzeichnis (Yellow Pages) and our Datenbank (data base), seminars and many other services, Vertical Media offers relevant and up-to-date information, increases trans­parency and nurtures an active dialogue between individuals, companies and key players in the digital economy. 
Vertical Media's work is driven by passion, the desire to explore the boundaries of the digital scene and the will to go beyond them. While doing so we ensure excellent results by setting high standards for our work.


Where we go

Vertical Media aims to become the key information and network plat­form for the digital economy.